Health Deveopment Information and Policy Institute



Adoption Project

The main goal of this project is to provide direct help and assisstance to children who belong to needy families and live under poverty line. With deep cooperation with international partners,HDIP succeeded to recruit parents and families to adopt poor children of West bank areas. Families from international solidarity groups revealed deep willingness to adopt children who come from poor families or suffer from chronic diseases or poor conditions. HDIP developped a special questionnaire to study the child conditions in terms of family income, poverty, living conditions, unemployment.....  

HDIP managed so far to adopt 36 children from Jenin and Ramallah areas. Most of adopted cases are either orphans or belong to unemplyed families. As part of this adoption each child is expected to receive an average of 50$ per month on a separate bank acount. These money should be used only for child use and education. To make sure that these amounts of money are used for child use only, HDIP social guiders carry out regular visits to families or keep phone contacts with them.