Health Deveopment Information and Policy Institute




The Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute (HDIP) expanded its scope of activities to include a legislative unit. Its aim is to keep up-to-date with all the activities of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) vis-ŕ-vis the legislative process. Moreover, the Unit plays a major role in advocating and lobbying for effective legislation, and provides this type of support to other organizations interested in formulating laws that promote society’s varied interests.

Laws Ratified by the Legislative Council
Since the Palestinian Legislative Council was elected in 1996, its mission has been to ratify effective laws that will serve the interests of an independent Palestinian state. Since then, the PLC has ratified approximately 27 laws including the Basic Law, the Judiciary Authority Law, the NGO Law, the Palestinian Monetary Authority Law, the Organization of General Budget and Finance Law, and the Civil Defense Law. Yet, the President still has to sign and ratify the following seven laws: the Basic Law, the Regulation of Foreign Ownership of Real Property Law, the Palestinian General Petroleum Council Law, the Judicial Authority Law, the Disability Law, the Tenders for Government Works Law, the NGO Law and finally the Public Health Law.