1.   Adlakha, A., Kinsella, K., and Khawaja, M. Demography of the Palestinian Population with Special Emphasis on the Occupied Territories. Population Bulletin of ESCWA 1995; 43: 1-20.

Since the Palestinian-Israeli peace accord of September 1993, an essential need emerges to establish baseline information on the size, distribution and demographic characteristics of the Palestinian population in the occupied territories, which include the entire area of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Further more, it becomes important for Palestinian planners to know the size of the Palestinian populations in other countries, because the 1993 accord provides "permanent" but currently non-resident population the legal right to return to the occupied territories and establish residence. The purpose of this paper is threefold to provide time series of the Palestinian Arab population size from 1950 to 1995 in 16 countries in the Middle East and North Africa; to present detailed current and historical information on the size, composition and components of population change (fertility, mortality and migration) for the Palestinian population living in the occupied territories; and to assess future growth prospects of the Arab population living in the occupied territories