2. Donati,S., Hamam,R., and Medda,E. Family planning KAP survey in Gaza. Social Science & Medicine 2000; 50, 6: 841-849

This study explores the reproductive attitudes, contraceptive use, demand for family planning and related topics of a representative sample of the female population of reproductive age resident in a Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip. A cluster sample of 841 resident women of reproductive age (1549 years) was interviewed in their homes. Univariate and multivariate statistical analyses were performed using BMDP software. 98% of the interviewees favor family planning and 88% plan to use a contraceptive in the future. However, 52% of the women at risk do not use any contraception because of their husband's opposition, fear of side effects or lack of knowledge. The risk of having seven or more children is positively associated with a woman's low educational level and husband's desire for more than seven children. Despite favorable attitudes regarding family planning, there is ignorance and the prevalence of contraception use is low. There is a gap between fertility preference and achievement