6. Madi,H. Contraceptive practices among Palestinian refugee women using the UNRWA MCH centre at Nuzha, Jordan. Amman, Jordan: UNRWA, 1998: 27-35

A two-phase study was conducted to measure the change in contraceptive practices after a year of introducing family planning services at an UNRWA maternal and child health center. The study included all mothers of children under 3 years of age who came to the center during the study period. Prevalence of modern contraceptive use increased from 37.5% to 41.1%. UNRWA was the source of contraceptives in the baseline study for 11.4% of mothers; this increased to 31.4%. Modern contraceptive use increased with parity and age except at the two ends of the reproductive span. The sex of the living children also affected the level of modern contraceptive use.