8. Afifi, M. F. and Ismail, N. A. Menís Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health and the Empowerment of Women in Palestine. Jerusalem: Family Planning and Protection Association, 1997: 47 pp.
In Arabic only.

The study presented in this report used the focus group discussion methodology, involving 76 participants from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Results indicate limited knowledge on sexual and reproductive health among most participants, regardless of their educational level and place of residency. The concept of family planning was more widely understood. However, family planning use, in most cases, was conditionally related to the presence of male children in the family. Most participants admitted to the existence of social and cultural factors preventing women from taking an active role in the community. However, most of them viewed the only role of women as taking care of the family and home. The study concludes the need for raising awareness and developing family planning programs targeting men with special focus on the youth.