103. Palestine Red Crescent Society. Report of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society to the World Health Organization on the Health and Social Conditions of the Palestinian People in the Occupied Territories, 1986. Geneva: WHO, 1986.

A PLO/PRCS critique of Israeli health policy is presented. It is concluded that: occupation is the fundamental obstacle to health development. It is argued that official Israeli figures are calculated to deceive and obscure and that any scientific analysis of Israeli figures would show them to be unrealistic, aiming to improve Israel's image. The report indicates that health provision shows patterns of regional variation, and is particularly low in Jenin, Jericho and Tulkarm. The authors argue that Israeli policies of closing hospitals are intended to incite Palestinian emigration and that Israel has impeded coordinated development efforts of integrated health services. The authors note that a Palestinian study has shown an infant mortality rate of over 100/1000 live births, high prevalence of easily preventable diseases, unsystematic health education activities and inadequate MCH services. The authors also indicate that rural drinking water is polluted and that the health budget has been cut for the West Bank and Gaza and external assistance has been impeded by Israel.