107. Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. The Health Survey in the West Bank and Gaza Strip: Main Findings. Ramallah: PCBS, 1997: 263 pp.
In Arabic and English.

This survey presents baseline data on general health indicators with an emphasis on the health of mothers and children under five years of age. Its purpose was also to monitor progress in achieving goals set by the World Summit for Children. The survey is relevant as a tool used to evaluate health and family planning programs, and to support dissemination and utilization of the results in planning and managing health and family planning programs. Collected data in this report is based on a sub-sample of the Demographic Survey from which a stratified multistage sampling design was used for selecting the surveyed households. The total sample size was 3934. Findings indicate, among general health indicators, that about 61.5% of respondents reported having some sort of health insurance in the Palestinian Territories. Of the sample surveyed, 21.8% of people 14 years and above are smokers. The prevalence of disability was approximately 2054.6 per 100,000.  Results on women's reproductive health show that of women currently pregnant, 80.5% reported receiving some ante-natal care during pregnancy. Ninety-six percent of children born in the previous five years have been breast fed at some point in time. Of the ever-married women surveyed, 99.5% knew about some kind of family planning method. Various data on child health is also presented including data on accidents, diarrhea, acute respiratory infections, immunization, nutritional status and Vitamin A/D. The report also includes a detailed description of the methodology used and data limitations.