112. Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. Secondary Health Care Statistics in the Palestinian Territories, 1996-1997. Ramallah 1999: 60 pp.
In Arabic and English.

This report provides data on hospital distribution, hospital activities and other secondary health-related indicators. The report presents statistics on inpatient as well as outpatient and emergency clinic activities. The report was prepared by using available data from quarterly released reports of the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the data producer in the non-governmental health sector. It contains tabulated data on admissions, discharges, services provided, and mean duration of stay, as well as statistics on outpatient and emergency services. The purpose of the report is to present a clear picture of the conditions of hospitals in the Palestinian territories and to provide policy makers with the necessary information for planning and development. There are 43 hospitals in the Palestinian Territories, 37 in the West Bank and 6 in the Gaza Strip. In terms of affiliation 9 hospitals in the West Bank are governmental and 28 are non-governmental. In the Gaza Strip, with the exception of one, all hospitals are governmental. In the West Bank, the hospital bed occupancy rate for 1997 was 74.2% and the mean duration of stay was 4.0 days. The hospital bed occupancy in the Gaza Strip was 84.2% and the mean duration of stay was 3.1 days. The report also covers rates of hospitalization, discharge and bed occupancy for psychiatric hospitals and surgical clinics in the Palestinian Territories.