129. Special Committee of Experts. Health Conditions of the Arab Population in the Occupied Arab Territories, Including Palestine. Report of the Special Committee of Experts appointed to study the health conditions of the population of the Occupied Territories, presented to the Thirty-fourth World Health Assembly, 1981: 17 pp.

A description of the demographic, socioeconomic and health conditions in the Occupied Territories is presented. Some improvement in certain health indicators is noted since 1967. The authors, however, suggest that "the sociopolitical situation existing in the Occupied Territories is favorable neither to the improvement of the state of health of the population concerned nor to the full development of services adapted to the promotion of human welfare." Problems facing the health service delivery system include the lack of medium or long-term planning, inadequate budgets and equipment, lack of specialized staff and staff training and shortage of certain drugs." A number of recommendations are suggested towards improving health services in the area.