143. UNRWA. Annual Report of the Department of Health, 1994. Amman, Jordan: UNRWA, 1995: 78 pp.

UNRWA’s annual report for 1994 covers a year in which major developments took place including the transfer of responsibility for the health care system in the Gaza Strip and West Bank from the Israeli Civil Administration to the Palestinian Authority. The document begins with a description of the overall management of UNRWA programs and personnel. Following this, a description of the health system infrastructure is presented including the construction and up-grading of health facilities completed and underway by UNRWA. Next the health in the Palestinian self-rule areas (the West Bank and Gaza Strip) are described. The constraints to health sector development and UNRWA’s future approach are delineated. The report also includes a review of UNRWA’s activities and accomplishments in medical care services, family health, disease prevention and control, health education, nursing services, and environmental health. Two annexes present the fellowships awarded and/or completed during 1994, and the senior staff in the Health Department.