146. UNRWA. Annual Report of the Department of Health, 1996. Amman, Jordan: UNRWA, 1997: 71 pp.

In this annual report, UNRWA describes the progress attained under each program component during the year. UNRWA’s activities in 1996 were undertaken under political, financial and operational constraints, such as the continued closures and a decrease in funding support. Despite such constraints, success was still achieved. In the program management section, the organization and staffing of the health department is discussed. The report documents achievements in further developing UNRWA’s health system infrastructure. Also included in the report are the usual description of UNRWA activities in the fields of medical care services, family health, disease prevention and control, health education and environmental health. The report concludes with two annexes. The first is especially useful to the reader in providing data on demographics, UNRWA health facilities and services, and health status.