147. Vermund, S.H., Miller S.G., and Cohen, S.P. Health Status and Health Services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Institute for Middle East Peace and Development, 1985: 10 pp.

Four pieces of original research are presented, followed by a review of health status and services and a discussion of health policy. Chapter 1 presents a new demographic model for estimating infant mortality that yielded a 1982 IMR of 53-63 in the West Bank and 53-56 in the Gaza Strip. Chapter two presents a study of pediatric admissions to Caritas Baby Hospital. A third world pattern of morbidity is noted with gastrointestinal and respiratory infections being the main causes for admission. Case fatality for both prematurity and hypothermia were over 30%. Chapter three studies admission patterns at the Mount of David Orthopedic Hospital. Chapter 4 presents a survey of health consumers' attitudes in the Hebron area.

In conclusion the report concludes that health services were inadequate, in particular in relation to primary care. Attention is drawn to the inadequate hospital facilities, regional disparities, "drastic" shrinking of the budget of the government sector, the unattractiveness of the governmental health insurance scheme, constraints on the private sector, lack of targeting of health by major donor agencies, lack of regional cooperation and local emphasis on secondary and tertiary health care.