148. WHO Collaborating Center in Health Manpower Development. Survey of the Human Resources for Health in the Government Hospitals on the West Bank. WHO Collaborating Center in Health Manpower Development, 1991: 34 pp.

The report comprises a survey of West Bank government hospital manpower which was carried out between July of 1989 and May of 1990. Eight government hospitals were surveyed. A total of 1072 medical and para-medical personnel practiced in these hospitals - 177 physicians, 460 nurses, 130 para-medical personnel and 137 administrative and other personnel.

Of the specialists who were surveyed 49.6% were recognized (accredited). Twenty-two nurses had BA degrees and 341 had diplomas. The average age of the hospital employees was 36.17 years. The staff/hospital bed ratio was 0.77/1. The overall occupancy rate was 62.1%. A detailed description of the personnel of each government hospital is presented in the report.