50. Barghouthi, M., Daibes, I. The West Bank Rural PHC Survey Interim Report 3: The Ramallah District. Ramallah: Health Development Information Project, 1991: 85 pp.

The Ramallah report comprises the third part of the West Bank Rural PHC Survey. Ninety-two communities with a population of 188,700 persons were identified and surveyed. Registered refugees comprised 25% of the rural population. One hundred and three clinics were located and surveyed in the district. The same information as in previous report by HDIP is presented with the of a section on consultation rate determinants.

Other additions to the report include an assessment of the presence of basic diagnostic and patient management instruments in the clinics. It is noted that the Ramallah district had better public services and PHC services than the other two districts which have been previously surveyed.