52. Barghouthi, M. and Daibes, I. Infrastructure and Health Services in the West Bank: Guidelines for Health Care Planning. Ramallah: Health Development Information Project, 1993: 346 pp.

This volume comprises the final document of the West Bank Rural PHC Survey carried out by HDIP. A detailed description of infrastructure and health services in the West Bank is provided together with information about the population size and population distribution in the eight districts of the West Bank. Information included in this volume is based on field visits to all 539 communities and 523 clinics and other health care facilities located in the West Bank.

Infrastructure components examined include piped water supplies, piped waste water disposal networks, electricity supplies, communications, roads and telephone network, schools and education. Geographic distribution of and accessibility of such services are described in detail.

Quantitative assessment and qualitative evaluation of health care facilities and services in the rural and urban communities of the West Bank are also presented in detail. A chapter is dedicated to the discussion of health manpower in the area.

Based on the information presented in this volume and the additional information collected in the field, the authors propose a scheme for distribution of health care facilities and services in the area which takes into consideration the issues of accessibility, quality and cost-effectiveness of health care services. Numerous maps, tables and charts are included in the text.