54. Battersby, A. Provision of Immunisation Services in Palestine. Jerusalem: UNICEF, Informal Document, 1993: 49 pp.

This report describing immunization services in Palestine was written during the negotiation phase of the 1994 Gaza-Jericho Agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. In light of the transfer of Palestinian health services from Israeli to Palestinian hands, the author examines the cost effectiveness and use of immunization resources in Gaza and the West Bank.. Issues such as the organization of immunization services, vaccine quality insurance, vaccine handling and storage are discussed followed by detailed recommendations on the technical aspects that need to be improved. Overall, many refinements need to be made to improve cost effectiveness and efficiency, and little coordination exists between the different health sectors in providing immunization. Many of the providers do not use the proper procedures for immunizing children. In the Gaza Strip, the inadequate disposal methods of syringes poses a serious health threat. The immunization costs are very high, and the author suggests that a cost analysis and proposal for reducing costs be made. Any effort to improve immunization services in Palestine should focus on improving the quality of services and the efficiency of the workers.