56. Benvenisti, M. and Khayat, S. The West Bank and Gaza Atlas. Jerusalem: West Bank Data Base Project, 1988: 140 pp.

The atlas includes a map of the official distribution of government health services (hospitals, mother and child clinics and general clinics) in "Judea and Samaria" and the Gaza Strip. There is also an appendix listing the distribution of government clinics by village/town.

An accompanying note includes the following observations:

"[For Judea and Samaria] the number of hospital beds per 1000 residents in 1983 was 1.8 as against 2.15 in 1970 and 2.01 in 1975. The decline reflects the freeze in new beds (an actual drop of 30 beds between 1974 and 1983), as against growth in the population.

The number of beds per 1000 residents in Israel was 6.4 in 1983 ... The number of person days of hospitalization per 1000 West Bank residents remained stable (542 in 1970, 593 in 1975, 544 in 1981), as against 1,913 in Israel (1983)...

The infant mortality rate, estimated at 15 per cent in 1967, was estimated by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) to have dropped to 7 per cent in 1983. The mortality rate per 1000 live births was estimated by the Ministry of Health to be 25.6 (1982). This figure is not accepted by CBS."