70. Giacaman, R. "Disturbing Distortions." A response to the report of the Ministry of Health of Israel to the thirty-sixth world health assembly on health and health services in the Occupied Territories, Geneva, May 1983. Birzeit: Birzeit University Community Health Unit, 1983: 23 pp.

The review presents a critique of the official Israeli position concerning health conditions in the occupied territories which it is claimed is attempting to create the impression that "military occupation is beneficial for the physical, mental and social well-being of the people".

The author reviews infant mortality rates, health services, morbidity, the environment, mental health and socioeconomic conditions. It is concluded that (a) there is no evidence that health or health services have improved during the first 16 years of occupation, (b) the military government has attempted to create conditions of stagnation and dependence in health services and (c) genuine attempts to improve health conditions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip must be linked with the precondition of an end to military occupation.