86. Israeli Ministry of Health. Health in Judea Samaria and Gaza, 1967-1994. Jerusalem: State of Israel, 1994: 70 pp.

In this report, the Israeli Ministry of Health summarizes the health situation in Judea Samaria and Gaza for the years 1967-1994.  The methodology used is primarily a review of existing data. Subjects covered include basic demographic indicators, primary health care and hospital services, health insurance, manpower and financial issues. Results in this report indicate that: 1) as of 1994, 45% of the population in Gaza and 32% of that in Judea Samaria were enrolled in the IGHS health insurance plan; 2) the overall IMR has declined during the past two decades; and 3) as of 1993, births in medical facilities increased to 74.3% and 49% in Judea Samaria and Gaza, respectively. The appendix consists of selected data tables covering the above-mentioned topics. The report is quick to demonstrate the Israeli government's positive achievements in the health sector of Judea Samaria and Gaza. However, not surprisingly, it is lacking in offering any negative aspects and criticism of Israeli policies.