92. Lama, Y. and Ferraro, M. General Survey: Health Services in the Occupied Territories. Jerusalem: Cooperation for the Development, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1989: 136 pp.

The survey was conducted for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an attempt to establish approaches to promote the development of health and health services in the Occupied Territories. The report contains data about primary and secondary health care, vital statistics and environmental health. The data presented in the report were collected solely from secondary sources from a number of official Israeli publications, publications by different researchers and interviews with directors of health service institutions.

The population of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is reported to be 1,656,000 people with an annual growth rate of 3.1% for the West Bank and 3.3% for Gaza. The infant mortality rate is reported to be 22.6/1,000 live births. Life expectancy is reported to be 64 years for males and 67 years for females. It should be noted that all the demographic data and vital statistics are solely derived from official Israeli government reports.

The per capita GNP is recorded as US 1,124$ and the per capita public consumption as US 185$. Data about employment, agriculture, industry, water resources and public services are presented. Environmental health and food and drug control services are also described. Data about health services distribution in all the districts of the West Bank and Gaza are presented. Some notes are given about the quality of the health services. A special section is dedicated to UNRWA services.