10. John Hopkins University, Al Quds University, Maram Project and Care International. Health Sector Bi-weekly Report, Number 1. Jerusalem: John Hopkins University, Al Quds University, Maram Project and Care International, 5 August 2002: 12p. 

This and subsequent reports will integrate the joint analysis of two assessment instruments the first is a sentinel surveillance system for Palestinian households done by Johns Hopkins University with CARE International, and ANERA under the Emergency Medical Assistance Project (EMAP) and Al Quds University. The second instrument is a monitoring system for all health service delivery facilities whether operated by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, UNRWA, or Palestinian NGOs design by the Maram Project. Given the geographic variability of the curfews, closures, and military incursions, their impact is felt in different places at different times, to varying degrees and with varying consequences.  The challenge then is to gather regular, timely information on an on-going and rapid basis from both households and clinics and hospitals to give a comprehensive picture of the current state of the Palestinian public health system over time. This integrated set of research activities are intended to collect and report on data related to the impact of the emergency on various aspects of the health sector every two weeks from June, 2002 to September, 2003.