149.   Nawar L, Huntington D, Kharboush I., Ali N, Shaheen M.  Assessment of Pilot Health Project Outcome Indicators: West Bank/Gaza.  May (2003); 1-53.

The project goal is to improve antenatal and postpartum health care services for women in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  A cross sectional study was executed by the Health, Development, Information, and Policy Institute to assess the antenatal and postpartum health care services quality and usage in selected primary health care clinics.  The assessment consisted of surveying women (729), Physicians (9), and Nurses and Community Health Workers (45) in what was designated as the pretest survey (pre intervention).  An intervention was introduced to improve the use of antenatal and postpartum health services in such clinics as well as improve family usage of these services.  Alpha International for Research did a post test survey to evaluate the intervention effectiveness.  1070 women, 9 Physicians, and 49 Nurses and Community Health workers were surveyed after the intervention was introduced.  There was an increase in antenatal and postpartum health services utilization between the pre and post test surveys indicating the effectiveness of the intervention.  The overall duration of the project was 28 months.