150.Mataria. A, Donaldson. C, Luchini. S, Moatti. J.P.  A stated preference approach to assessing health care-quality improvements in Palestine: from theoretical validity to policy implications. Journal of Health Economics 2004: 23; 1285–1311. 

Contingent valuation (CV) is a tool used to assess patient’s willingness to pay (WTP) for specific health care services.  This method is usually used for policy implications in order to seek the possibility of obtaining more resources to fund health care services through patient out of pocket payment.  A sample of four hundred and ninety nine individuals was surveyed using the CV tool.  The results of the survey were assessed to evaluate the WTP of patients for future policy changes.  The authors suggest that the CV method can provide a feedback on the effectiveness of developing new strategies that can help in funding the health sector.    In addition, the CV method can provide a feed back to decision makers in the private and public health sectors on the cost effectiveness of implementing newly planned health projects.