54.  Giacaman. R, Arya. N, Summerfield. D.  Establishing a mental health system in the occupied Palestinian territories.  Bulletin of the Board of International Affairs of the Royal College of Psychiatrics. 2005; (9): 2pp. 

This is a special article that examines the state of mental health in Palestine.  The article begins its evaluation of the mental     health status by presenting mental health services in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  The article suggests that there are 57 institutions in the WBGS offering mental health services.  The mental health services are administered by NGOs, local small groups, UNRWA, ministry of education, ministry of social affairs, and ministry of health.  The article then moves on to discuss how the integration of mental health services in primary health care can improve mental health in the population.  Evidence suggests that social support, as the article imply, can improve and prevent mental disorders such as depression and alleviate stress.  In its last paragraph, the article indicates that for mental health to be integrated in the Palestinian primary health care system, great difficulties will arise due to financial difficulties attributed to lack of funds and due to its of deterioration because of the daily assaults being practiced by the Israeli military occupation.